ooluroo prompts wonder and invites discovery, enhancing the physical visitor experience. But its insights and capabilities are firmly grounded in hard data. Learn more about how ooluroo makes the customer experience more rewarding and your marketing campaigns more effective.

advertisement products

ooluroo gives brands a high-impact canvas for consumer engagement and allows venue operators to tailor marketing and advertisement to achieve business objectives.

Orient Your Visitor

Help visitors find their way easily with context-aware navigation and drive more traffic through your venue.

Demand Attention

Use dynamic and bold text to catch eyes from afar and draw visitors in to the ooluroo experience.

Build Brand Excitement

Draw customers in deeper to the brand experience by showcasing additional details about the products they love using interactive features, such as hotspots, popovers and video.

Drive Discovery

Surface exclusive deals and beautiful product imagery to create desire and inspire visitor exploration.

intelligent solutions

ooluroo’s data capabilities and simple Intelligent Management Platform allow for transparency and insight into the effectiveness of marketing efforts and venue operations. Plus, ooluroo can help venue operators bring their online and e-commerce campaigns together more effectively, allowing visitors access to digital campaigns in your real-world venue.

Audience Intelligence

ooluroo understands how visitors use your venue. The device uses publicly available data to tie foot traffic and purchases directly to specific marketing messages. You get insights to better inform business decisions and your customer gets an enhanced experience. It’s a win-win.

Targeted Messaging

With its striking form, ooluroo stands out as a landmark for valuable information. The easy, intuitive platform allows you to craft customer experiences, delivering the right message to the right person at the right time and adding value to the customer experience.

Measureable Conversion

There’s no better way to get to know your audience. With ooluroo’s Intelligent Management System, you can directly tie marketing campaigns to sales. These meaningful insights into consumer interest and response translate into more effective campaigns.