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  • What is ooluroo? What does ooluroo do?

    ooluroo makes the world’s place-based information visible for all, tailoring it to here-and-now needs, through a deep understanding of habit, lifestyle and leveraging technology.

  • How does ooluroo work?

    It’s an ecosystem of hardware, software and advertisement products that leverage technology in public places.

  • Does ooluroo display other languages besides English?

    Yes, ooluroo can display in any language.


  • Exactly what kind of data does ooluroo collect from me?

    ooluroo does not collect any data from individuals. You can opt-in so that ooluroo can send you offers only with your permission.

  • What does ooluroo do with the data it collects?

    ooluroo collates the data of users who have interacted with the device in an aggregate report, but never reports any personal data on an individual level.

  • How can I be sure that my personal information is safe?

    ooluroo does not collect personal information.

  • Does ooluroo ever sell my information?

    No, never.

  • I don’t want ooluroo to use any of my information. How can I stop it from recognizing me?

    ooluroo does not recognize or target individuals.


  • How does ooluroo know what visitors are looking for?

    Using anonymous video analytics, ooluroo provides a truly interactive experience and measures user impressions and engagement throughout the process. This information is fed into our attribution engine, which provides valuable insight into what advertisements, stores and categories customers are most interested in.

  • Do you need a smartphone to be able to use ooluroo?

    No. ooluroo provides a standalone experience. But with explicit permission from users, we can provide an enhanced experience by delivering contextually relevant offers to a customer’s mobile device.

  • Does ooluroo integrate with iBeacons?

    Yes, ooluroo can integrate with existing iBeacons.


  • How does ooluroo measure foot traffic?

    It’s measured in aggregate form based on the people interacting with ooluroo technology.

  • Which kinds of marketing campaigns does ooluroo support?

    ooluroo brings the best of digital marketing campaigns to the physical world. Please visit our Intelligent Solutions to learn more about ooluroo’s digital marketing campaigns.

  • What kind of promotions and coupons can ooluroo support?

    ooluroo can support a wide variety of real-time promotions and coupons relevant to the needs of a specific venue.

Device Specifications

  • What are the dimensions of the device?

    The base of the device is 56.8" by 27.6" and the device stands 96" tall from the base to the top of the LED screen.

  • What are the power needs?

    The ooluroo device plugs into a standard NEMA 5-15R outlet and requires less than 15 Amps to operate.

  • What are the Internet/connectivity specifications?

    The device requires Internet connectivity for content updates, troubleshooting and reporting. We recommend running an Ethernet cable to the device, but it also supports Wi-Fi.

  • Is a permit required to install the device?

    Some towns may require permits. Check with your local town for more information.

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