introducing ooluroo

ooluroo uses digital innovation to guide and engage for a visitor experience that’s anything but ordinary. A connected device, ooluroo blends the physical and digital realms, personalizing each customer’s journey through contextualized messaging and prompting delight and discovery.

And it’s not just guests who benefit: Business decisions become better informed, thanks to the platform’s data insights. Plus, the Intelligent Management System lets you make beneficial changes instantly.

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A True Original

Intelligent wayfinding + actionable insights make ooluroo a platform without peer

Always Connected

Consider ooluroo the smartphone’s best friend, delivering the information visitors want, when and where they want it. Plus, it plays nice with any operating system, such as iOS or Android

Purposeful Interaction

Instant, purposeful information available right at visitors’ fingertips

Strikingly Sculptural

Eye-catching device redefines how visitors flow through your space

Inspiring, Immersive

Beautiful interface surfaces surprising experiences, inspiring visitors to explore more


Contextual messaging and directional wayfinding ensures that visitors will always be headed in the right direction.


With its easy-to-use Intelligent Management System, ooluroo generates meaningful insights that enable you to surface exciting and relevant experiences targeted to each visitor.


The device not only guides, but engages along the journey, adding excitement and serendipitous discovery to the visitor experience.


With its giant screen and striking form, ooluroo beckons visitors to immerse themselves in its features and always delivers the right message at the right time. As users are drawn to the device’s vibrant images and videos, they can interact with ads via touch-responsive screens, discovering deeper information and value-added opportunities, such as exclusive discount codes, interactive directory and contextualized wayfinding based on exactly where they’re standing.

And the platform’s nimble and simple Intelligent Management System ensures venue operators have the flexibility to run any kind of ad campaign and change it on the fly via the cloud. Plus, customer ad interactions are automatically customized by age and gender. Using ooluroo also gives venue operators unprecedented insights into campaign ROI, returning real-time data on impressions, engagement and conversion.

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the ooluroo experience

We wanted to know how visitors reacted to the ooluroo experience. We interviewed a representative mix of mall shoppers with a diverse range of demographics using an ooluroo device in a retail setting.

The majority were pleasantly surprised at what ooluroo could do. They were delighted when they “found” hidden features, such as dynamic videos, on the device, and were inspired to explore to find even more valuable discoveries.

Cool! I didn’t think I would be able to change her shoe.

Kathyrna, Interacting with a Kate Spade advertisement

I really like this because it feels like I am getting something that no one else has.

Rebecca, Uncovering a coupon while interacting with an ad

Oh, see, that was nice. I clicked the hotspot and got a video.

Dennis, Exploring the features connected to the movie Rio 2

ooluroo never collects
sensitive personal information

Our proprietary technology captures and synthesizes only anonymous, publically available data and turns it into insights you can use to target smarter and improve experience—all while ensuring that every visitor interaction is secure and encrypted.

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